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March 16, 2022
Sourcing more than just our ingredients locally – its more than just a floor!

We knew that we wanted to create a drinking and dining space like no other.

So when it came to the designing of the interior we wanted to do things a little differently.  And in keeping with our locally sourced ethos, we looked for a local company to help us design a bespoke floor.  

We wanted something to make us stand (excuse the pun!) out from the crowd.

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January 16, 2022
Firing Up Flavours in 2022

What's new in 2022 for StirrUps flavours?

Culinary history has unearthed some Masters of Flavour – Keith Floyd, Anne-Sophie Pic, Anthony Bourdain, Heston Blumenthal, Willy Wonker (?) – and, of course, our very own Head Chef, Darren Strickland! 

Here, Darren shares his thoughts on what’s hot and what’s not on the flavour front this year….from British Classic dishes to Popcorn explosions, we’ve got the flavour flave in 2022.

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December 19, 2021
Putting the ‘P’ into Partnership

It’s always been part of the plan to support the community, drive the local economy and boost sustainability. 

However, we underestimated how many strong relationships we would cultivate with local producers, suppliers, events and teams. 

Here, we share what we’ve been doing to grow our local presence and why it’s so important to support each other.

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December 1, 2021
Opening a restaurant during a pandemic – is it worth the risk?

Want to know what it's like to open a restaurant in a pandemic? Then read on.
Starting a business is challenging at the best of times, but in the worst of times, such as in the throws of a pandemic, it can really test your mettle!
Here we share our story, trials and tribulations, and what we learnt along the way.

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June 7, 2021
Welcome to StirrUps

Bringing a relaxed, fun and modern eating and drinking experience to the centre of Evesham.  We’re passionate about celebrating the local area and it’s fantastic community so you’ll find locally […]

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