Sourcing more than just our ingredients locally – its more than just a floor!

When we started StirrUps in a converted Horse Box there was little need to focus on the interior.  But opening a “real” bar and restaurant isn’t just about the quality of your food and drinks.  We knew that we wanted to create a drinking and dining space like no other.  The old inn needed some new life!

So when it came to the designing of the interior we wanted to do things a little differently.  And in keeping with our locally sourced ethos, we looked for a local company to help us design a bespoke floor.  We wanted something to make us stand (excuse the pun!) out from the crowd.  After speaking to Karndean who are based in Vale Park in Evesham we knew that they were the perfect fit.

We knew that we wanted the floor to compliment the history of the building.  But at the same time, (like everything here at StirrUps) we wanted something a little indulgent and unexpected!  Karndean definitely helped us achieve this!  Our unique floor combines the traditional warmth of a wood floor, with spectacular designs and the very latest colours.  And it isn’t just us that have fallen in love with our floor.  Our Head chef Darren said: “Everyone comments on it but what we like most is that it helps our customers use the space and feel safe.”

The Bar

Because of the industrial nature of the building, the floor was designed to soften the hard lines of the exposed black, metal beams.  It has a warm, welcoming natural feel and also helps customers move around the different spaces safely.  Karndean came up with a design in the bar area that helps us to clearly mark this busy space, but you might also spot a hint of the StirrUps pink!

The flooring area of StirrUps Bar and Restaurant with two bar stools.

The restaurant

For the restaurant area we decided to go with a mix and match of wood designs.  Not only using three different types of wood but also different layouts.  A geometric pattern and a very contrasting herringbone pattern.  And to make this area even more stand out and special we even added circular rug patterns around some of the tables.

The restaurant area in StirrUps Bar and Restaurant. a round table with four chairs on top of one of our circular rug pattern inlay floors

Looks fantastic but functional too!

But running a busy bar and restaurant also means that the floor can’t just look great, it has to be functional too.  Darren says “We’re all about creating a drinking and dining experience like no other.  We wanted the floor to reflect this and help us stand out from the crowd.  Of course, the fact that the floor is hard wearing, waterproof and easy to keep hygienically clean is also key for us.”  As well as this, the acoustic benefits of the flooring we chose for the bar area means that, even when the bar is full of people, noise is kept to a minimum.

But don’t just take our word for it, come and see (and have a stand on!) our gorgeous floors.  And whilst you are here checking out the floor, why not indulge in one of our gourmet burgers or expertly crafted cocktails.  And you will see for yourself that we really have created a drinking and dining experience like no other!